I have to have a compelling reason to exercise, otherwise I’m not going to do it. Why do you exercise (or not)? My reasons to exercise are three-fold:

Intention - the “why” to exercise
Intensity - the “how” to exercise
Integration - the “results” of exercise

Most people are not exercising - they are merely wasting their time and calling it exercise. With the research and development of the Myoride Exercise Machine I will show you what you never knew about exercise so you can know the why, the how, and the results you should expect.


Basic Training Exercise Program

T-Basic Training.jpg

This program is a very thorough training in exercise. If you want to start exercising and want the best results this is the course for you. These 12 modules teach you what you need to know about exercise and will make the most of your workout program no matter how you choose to exercise.



Myoride Trainer’s Training Program

T-Trainer's Training.jpg

“Advanced Content” - For fitness trainers who train the public. Learn who should exercise, how they should exercise, the best metrics to use, and the outcomes you and your users should expect. You become the exercise authority. Also learn how to build your exercise business.