003 - The Best Exercise

There really might be a “Best Exercise”. Walking in sense could be but it is not really exercise - it is activity. Peter explains what he means by exercise so we’re all on the same track.

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The podcast begins here…

In this episode we get into exciting details such as…

  • What is the best exercise?

  • What is exercise in the first place? 

  • The misbehaving kid holding the book straight out to his side.

  • Are you really exercising or are you just being active and calling it exercise?

  • Exercise is generally categorized into: 1. Muscle-building 2. Cardio-respiratory

  • How best do you exercise the heart?

  • Have you heard of “Cross Crawl” patterning?

  • Reducing the effects of gravity.

  • Safety in exercise.

  • Horizontal flow of blood.  

  • Ultimately, it is the intensity of the exercise.

  • The body shifts into anaerobic metabolism.

  • Stop exercising using heart rate recovery.

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