Maximum Intensity


Does your exercise give you the most effective full body, complete range of motion, non-weight bearing, non-impact, anaerobic cardiorespiratory workout like this?


The Myoride Exercise Machine with the protocols of Maximum Intensity Interval Training are the complete solution to the best anaerobic cardiorespiratory workout you will ever experience.

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“The Myoride is head and shoulders above typical aerobic fitness equipment. And the Maximum Intensity Interval Training (MIIT) along with it is a game changer for fitness seekers of all abilities - like nothing else I have seen in my years in health care and fitness. This thing (the Myoride) would have kept me competitive as a skier for more years and shortened my shape up time each winter.” ~ Dr. Jim Warner; 9-year certified Ski Instructor

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"Your machine is vastly more beneficial than all the useless contraptions at health clubs --- such as exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, and cross country ski machines. The big advantage to your apparatus is that it discourages people from doing low intensity, long duration workouts." ~ Dr. G. Schenker


"I tried Dr. Lind's revolutionary Myoride. I gave it all I could and in well under 2 minutes, I was 100% whipped. I've never been beat by a machine. It took me 3 days to recover and it felt great. THE BEST WORKOUT I have ever experienced. And, all in just minutes. This is going to be big!" ~ J. Jones - Jerry Jones Direct

“My first thought is this machine could be valuable to cardiologists, and possibly replace the elevation treadmills typically used in thallium stress tests. Less chance of a patient falling, and also the effect of gravity on hemodynamics in a horizontal subject are interesting. Numerous biomedical applications could be realized with this machine. Brilliant.” ~ Mark Schwartz

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