The Myoride is the most effective way to exercise the most muscles in the shortest time. A complete whole-body, non-impact, cardio workout in 60-120 second intervals. There is no other one exercise better than this.

Watch toward end of 45 seconds, his left arm swing is reduced. He can’t go more than 45 seconds.

Do we really need another exercise?

Yes, of course we do, this is the best exercise, here’s why:

One day, many years ago in college, I was sitting in the back right side of the auditorium in the biology lecture hall when I was introduced to the word "homeostasis" — the body’s ability and preference to keep stable and in a narrow range of balance for optimal functioning.

Exactly the point, if everything is functioning well. So you must remain in quiet solitude your entire life to keep the body and mind balanced — in homeostasis — for the ability to function optimally. No chance of that.

Many years later in private clinical practice I realized that the body swings wildly out of homeostasis because of a great range of influences and still has a good ability to reach the balance range again. But life is not all solitude. Over time the body will adapt to chronic ranges of function — either because of positive influences or negative influences. These are stress events. The body adapts to stressful events whether minor or major — or it doesn’t and either functions sub-optimally or it expires.


Improving Health and Performance

This is her first experience on the Myoride Exercise Machine and she does fairly well with motion dynamics but cannot get past 60 seconds of exercise.

Back to homeostasis and inside the range of balance the body prefers to function — is there a way to push and reset the homeostasis range to higher levels of functioning without breaking anything? And if so, what are the best, safest, most profound ways of doing this?

Of course there is focus on diet, exercise, and attitude. Diet is really pretty simple. Attitude needs minimal but constant attention and it can be kept in check. But what do you do about exercise?

Exercise. For years, my major question became: What is the best exercise — for me?

If I had to choose between muscle building and cardio, I choose cardio. Why? Because I want my heart to be in good shape — it has to keep me alive for a long time.


So what is the best way to do cardio?

The heart, being a muscle, is only exercised when it is stressed to pump blood through the miles of vessels to every part of the body. When the "cardio exercise" is appropriate, the heart will adapt to a new and higher level of optimal functioning.

What is the best way to exercise the heart? The best way to exercise the heart, the only way, is to engage as many other muscles of the body. The more muscles fully engaged in intense work, the more the heart is exercised.

With that in mind I worked on many concepts and began incorporating them into a system of exercise.

I came up with the following criteria that had to be met for my exercise:

  • the use of full body

  • the use of all arms and legs

  • all limbs moving simultaneously

  • moving in flexion and extension planes

  • engaging the anterior and posterior muscle groups of the body

  • against moderate, adjustable resistance

  • in complete range of motion

  • able to do maximum intensity intervals

  • in non-weight bearing posture

  • and must be safe

If you had an exercise that does all this in 60 second intervals would you use it?


What exercise does all this?

No other exercise is able to do this: not cycling, not rowing, treadmill, running, not even swimming; there is no machine that does all this. 

As I gained more ideas I built the very first functional prototype in my garage in the summer of 2013 and for more than two years I used this primitive machine without telling many people what I was doing.

Eventually, someone learned about my project and wanted to see it demonstrated. Long story short, I filed a patent, went through many rounds of engineering, filed another patent, and built a functional prototype, went through many more months of meticulous engineering and now we have the machine that can produce the most effective exercise you can find anywhere.

There is nothing like Myoride exercise. Why wouldn't anyone use it to improve their health?


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