Dr. Peter Lind & Associates Exercise and Fitness Consulting Services

Work with Dr. Lind (or a qualified consultant) to radically transform your Personal Exercise, your Fitness Club, your Corporate Fitness Facility, your Amateur or Professional Athletic Performance, your Clinical Outcomes related to Maximum Intensity Interval Training and the Myoride Exercise Machine.

*If you or your group purchase one or more machines, the 2-day consultation is included in the purchase price, the consultation time spread over one year, performed remotely, for whatever you need to be fully trained.


2 Hour Consultation

In 2 hours Dr. Lind (or a qualified consultant) can help you diagnose your personal exercise and fitness problems and help you get back on a path that will keep you fit and healthy. We will discuss: 1) why you need to be fit; 2) how you can continue with an easy plan.


One Day Consultation

In 8 hours, Dr. Lind (or a qualified consultant) will patiently and carefully work with you and your organization to help you: 1) determine the blocks that are keeping you from growing your exercise and fitness facility; and 2) put together key strategies to make your facility successful.

$7,500 + transportation & lodging

Two Day Consultation

For two days, Dr. Lind (or a qualified consultant) will live with your fitness business, uncover what it takes to turn it around and develop a one year plan (monthly consultations included) to: 1) attract new members; 2) build stable membership; 3) plot out a long-term success plan.

$9,500 + transportation & lodging