The Best Exercise

If you could choose only one exercise to do - what would it be? 

You could run but that's going to tear up your knees and spine. You could do the treadmill, but that's running inside - boring and what you'd get from running outside just maybe to a lesser degree. You could swim which isn't a bad idea but you're not going to get full range of motion and you have to get wet. You could row but you're using your arms and legs disproportionately, meaning with some rowers your arms are going to work more than your legs and besides, it's unilateral unsynchronized movements - your arms and legs are not active in a normal gait pattern (important for later). You could Crossfit. No, that's more than one exercise.

So what did you come up with? What is the one best exercise?

I began asking myself this question several years ago. I answered it in part by separating the two kinds of exercise:

  1. Muscle building which taps into the Anaerobic System of metabolism

  2. Cardiorespiratory which is the exercise of the heart and lung systems (which can utilize the Aerobic and Anaerobic Systems of metabolism).

I decided that even though muscle building is important to build muscle, it would take me too long and it was far more than one exercise.

So I decided to pursue Cardiorespiratory Exercise. If you really want to know how the heart is exercised it is via the major muscle groups of the body anyways so if you can engage the major muscle groups of the arms and legs you should be able to exercise the heart because it has to pump blood to the muscles that are being worked.

This is the beginning of the story of the Myoride Exercise Machine - the whole body, complete range of motion, non-weight-bearing, non-impact, anaerobic, maximum intensity cardiorespiratory exercise machine.


After I built the first prototype and used it for a number of years I discovered many other profound benefits. 

This is my One Best Exercise and once you learn more about it, I think you will agree.