The Shroud of Myoride

As the final components make their way to the finish line, the shroud has been an afterthought. Not because it isn't important, but because everything up to this point (July, 2018) has been functional. Meaning it all had to work.

Myoride Exercise Machine

The shroud is mostly aesthetic but partly functional. It does keep debris and people off the inside working parts but it does make it look amazing.

On the inside the "Magnetic Flux Resistance Devices" (patent-pending) run along the tracks. These devices are the secret parts that allow for the resistance on the machine. 

See the two grooves just to the left of the image...these are brush strips on the shroud. The arm and leg pylons run alongside in these grooves. But the shroud keeps everything inside from being seen and from being aggravated by anyone.

Myoride Exercise Machine

This image above is a little nicer in detail.

Here we are, in the middle of summer, 2018 with the final versions coming together.