What Makes the Best Exercise

The final concept is designed, in the engineer books, and the final concept is being built.


Why do I call it the best exercise machine? How else can you get:

  1. Full body

  2. Complete range of motion

  3. Non-weight bearing

  4. Non-impact

  5. Cross crawl, gait-like motion

  6. Anaerobic cardio workout within 2 minutes

  7. Ultra-safe workout

This is all from one machine, the Myoride Exercise Machine, in one workout. No other machines needed, just one.

Getting just one of these points in a workout would be better than what is possible from the equipment out there presently. If you, for example, have a need to get into anaerobic metabolism (and everyone should have this need for the only two reasons of increasing adaptative capacity and metabolic function), how are you going to do this — running? stationary biking? rowing?

It will take you 10 to 20 minutes to get into anaerobic metabolism by any other means. Why? Because of the simple fact that in almost every other means of exercise you’re not involving the whole body — count the muscle groups that are involved in the next exercise you’re doing — and you will realize that you’re only exercising one-half of the body (bicycle, treadmill, running) or incomplete range of motion of muscle (rowing, swimming) or asynchronous motion (CrossFit®, exercise guru videos).

There has to be a best exercise and I realize this comes down to information and knowledge of the product, the mechanism of the function, the understanding of metabolism, biomechanics, neurology, and physiology of the body.

When you have the ability to use the limbs in independent motion against bi-directional resistance without gravitational interference, you can have what I described in points 1-7. And with this, you have the built-in necessity to only exercise less than 2-minutes (for me about 1-minute) intervals before complete exhaustion.

In other words, when you exercise the most muscles against resistance in complete range of motion you cannot exercise more than a minute or two. How do you accomplish this? On the Myoride Exercise Machine. How else can you accomplish this? I don’t know.

Peter Lindexercise, cardio, fitness