This Simple Soviet Olympic Secret Will Help You Stay In Shape Forever (or however long you use it)

I have an intriguing story that when you’re done reading, will place you in a very small group of people who will not only know the Soviet Olympic Secret and you will be able to use it to improve your shape no matter your age, gender, or current condition, for the rest of your life.

It all started when…

I should have never found this out - three paragraphs that stopped me cold. And rest assured, you cannot find what I’m about to tell you anywhere. Maybe the top officers in the old Soviet Guard passed this down to newly minted officers years ago but they aren’t telling anyone.

Dr. Peter Lind giving a talk about health.

Dr. Peter Lind giving a talk about health.

My name is Dr. Peter Lind and I found this because I was doing research for the Myoride Exercise Machine I invented. As you may know, this machine exercises the human body in ways that cannot be done by any other machine. I had this incredible machine but no instruction manual — I had to put one together.

Several years ago I was studying in my den late one night when I came across and old tattered newsletter written by a very smart man, a doctor in the field of Metabolic Physiology. I had tried communicating with him several times over the years but all I would get was a grunt and a growl. But in this one episode, he wrote three paragraphs about the Soviet domination of the Olympic Games — I just had to contact him and find out more. This time he did not disappoint but what he told me I did not expect.

Dr. X, my doctor “friend”, had a fascination for two things I noticed over the years of reading his newsletter: politics and athletics. He was a self-proclaimed expert in both, along with his genius in metabolic physiology. So I had to bear with him as he described all three in detail and how they all related. Many people miss this point; you will not.

Politics: The Soviets Used Athletics For World Domination

How did a socialist third-world country where the common person could barely feed their families come to dominate the world in so many athletic events?

The Soviet leaders looked at the Olympic Games as a way to keep workers busy from class struggle and to train their elite warriors to fight in the new imperial wars they were soon waging — they were building their world-wide Empire. There were athletic training camps with paid full-time occupation in every sport. Without much time off from training they became the best athletic specimens in the world.

The athletes came onto the world stage in the 1950’s and the world began to take notice with the same question I would have: “Who are these people?”. But as the elite were selected, those who did not maintain their peak performance in international competitions were severely punished or worse, replaced and sent back to their third-world culture and were never heard from again.

The training, the payments, and the punishment paid off handsomely.

Athletics: The Soviets completely dominated almost every sport event for three decades.

Since the Soviets entered the Olympics in the 1950’s they won every summer and winter Olympics except for 1968, and the winters of 1980 and 1984. The Soviets won half of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, winning medals in 21 of the 23 sports. The Soviets dominated the world in athletics, beating the world’s most advanced capitalistic nations. They proved that they were the most versatile nation in Olympic history.

Yes, you could say there was anabolic steroid use, there was the early childhood abduction into athletic training camps, and there was the payment of money and privileges that came from winning.

These claims are not disputed and were often a common practice among many other Olympic teams.

But there was one piece of information that I found in Dr. X’s newsletter that gave clue why the Soviets were so far ahead of all the other training programs in the world at the time.

What was this missing piece of information the Soviets trained with and how did they use it to dominate the world in every sport and athletic event? I will unlock this secret soon but first let me tell you what Dr. X told me.

Dr. X said...“Put Exactly What I Tell You Into Your Exercise Machine Manual”

Whatever you put in that manual must be easy to understand for anyone. Don’t make it complicated. Your instructions must be simple and easy to follow.

Take exercise, he said. Most people don’t even know why they’re exercising. They don’t know how to exercise. And, almost everyone does it wrong. They use all the latest exercise equipment but they’re not exercising, they’re wasting their time. If they’d only start with the basics first. Nobody does the basics anymore.

The exercise basics. Simple. If anyone interested in exercise would just follow the exercise basic training, like:

  • what you need to know even before you begin to exercise

  • what biometrics you should track so you can gauge your results

  • what workout to do and how best to perform this workout

  • and even how to help you decide why you should exercise, when you should exercise, and when to stop

He went on to tell me that in his years of research and experience, exercise will never make anyone live longer but exercise will offer people a way to live stronger, healthier, longer.

And done the right way, win more athletic events. Like the Soviets. One thing the Soviets did was figure out how to exercise most effectively. They used their training to take advantage of human physiology.

The Soviet Olympic Secret Is Simple To Understand And Use

Dr. X said he didn’t know where anyone can find the secret today. He first heard about the secret in an article he read in 1972 and filed it away all these years. And this was the first time in 50 years that it was re-discovered.

No other country in the world was doing anything like what the Soviets were doing with training the human body for performance (taking anabolic steroids out of the picture). And no other country completely dominated the world in athletics.

Dr. X said it was the beginning of reason for electronic circuits and what we know today as wearables. At this time there were no fancy electronic gadgets we have today. There were no fancy laboratories we have today in every university in the country.

No, the Soviets didn’t have much of anything in their third world socialist country in the 1950’s.

But, it was the beginning of high-performance training. What the Soviets did was figure out how to...

Monitoring Thermogenesis To Improve Exercise Outcomes

Thermogenesis — the production of heat in the human body. By carefully taking temperatures of every athlete throughout their day, the Soviet officials could tell when the athlete should train, how long they should train, when to stop training, and when they should not train. And the athletes listened, or else.

The Soviets made thermogenesis a science to the degree that they dominated world sporting events for three decades. No other factor played as important part of training as monitoring thermogenesis in athletes.

For every other country during the time it was; try running faster, try lifting more weight, try doing all sorts of things without really knowing what you’re doing.

That’s where you are now. You have not been taught how to exercise, just that it would be a good idea if you exercised. No wonder you don’t make time to exercise and that when you do, it seems like such a drag.

If you knew just a little of the Soviet Olympic Secret your exercise would be simple and easy. You would have more fun. You would get results. And more importantly, you would get in shape and be healthier.

In the course of putting the Myoride Basic Training together I came up with far more than Thermogenesis to help anyone improve their exercise (you don’t have to use the Myoride Exercise Machine to benefit from the program).

Basic Training: What Did The Soviets Do And How Can You Benefit?

Would you be interested in learning not only what the Soviets did but very simply what you can do to improve your shape and health no matter your age, gender, or current condition, for the rest of your life?

Basic Training.jpg

I put together a lot of exercise information together in a training called Myoride Basic Training Program. I used a lot of Dr. X’s information and many other pieces related to simple exercise concepts that you have not heard about.

I have not heard one fitness facility, trainer, or even physician tell you how to exercise like I explain in this program. They all want you to exercise 45 minutes. Ridiculous. I explain exactly how long you should exercise (everyone is different).

They want you to jump right in on their program without regard to you if it healthy or not. My program will give you rules you can follow to know if you should embark on an exercise program (so you don’t injure yourself, or worse).

They want you to commit for ever, to their program. You should only commit to your exercise program and I’ll show you how to create your own exercise program.

They want you to use their equipment and machines. Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t. I will explain what equipment you should use (or none).

The Myoride Basic Training Program Outline

There is a plan to exercise. I have put it together for you no matter if you’ve never exercised a day in your life or you are a well-seasoned athlete (we’ll get into the Soviet Olympic Secret and others in Biometrics — it will blow your mind).

There are reasons you need to find so you will exercise. I outline them here so you can see why you haven’t exercised and what will motivate you to put yourself on your own exercise program. You’ll find that in the Basic Training Program.

Here is The Program outline to see where you will start and where you will advance to.

best exercise training.png

You will start and go through like this:

  1. Prepare phase — here is what you need to prepare even before you embark an any type of exercise program. But more than that, to prepare you for setting up a good exercise routine for the rest of your life. It is very helpful to know where you are and where you’re going before you start something.

  2. Training phase — this is actually the workout part, where I explain exactly how to exercise the way I’ve come up with. I’ll even show you a 3-minute exercise you can start right away.

  3. Adventure phase — this is life after exercise. You don’t want to let exercise take over your life. You exercise to get more out of life rather than spend all your time exercising. You have things you want to do and rather spend your time doing. In this module I show you how to make exercise a simple part of your lifestyle.

You would only get this Exercise Program if:
1. You don't think you have time to exercise
2. You’re not committed to an exercise routine
3. You say that exercise HURTS!
4. You can't stay motivated to exercise
5. You don't know how to exercise
6. You're not getting any results working out
7. You can't afford a gym membership
8. You've tried to exercise but keep quitting
9. You really hate to exercise (like I did!)

This Basic Training Program is mandatory for anyone who purchases the $20,000 Myoride Exercise Machine. They have to go through it. The training is that important.

But you don’t have to have the machine to get this training. You don’t even have to use the machine.

The Basic Training is the “basis” for everything that takes place in exercise. Without it you’ll be lost.

I made this training available to you so you can get started right now to get in shape right now.

However, the Basic Training Program may not be for you if you just don’t make the time or you’re not interested in improving your health. But if you want to put a simple plan together that will keep you on a solid exercise program, this is the training for you.

Myoride Basic Training Program

  • 12 Video Modules

  • 12 Transcripts

  • Action Plans


I will make this guarantee to you, that if you get all the way through the program and don’t see how it improves your exercise and fitness levels, know how to monitor yourself, when you should exercise, when you shouldn’t exercise, how it has improved your health or if it hasn’t helped you in any way, I will promptly and courteously return your money.

To get started right away. . .

You will be taken to a shared link (you may share with one other person!) where the videos and transcripts can be downloaded.


Dr. Lind working on health and fitness ideas

Dr. Lind working on health and fitness ideas

Dr. Peter Lind (and Dr. X in absentia)

P.S. I believe that the Soviet Olympic Secret is one of the best early milestones in fitness and training that the world has ever seen. Now you get not only this secret but the others that I have uncovered along the way to this world-class training program.

If you get spectacular results like I’m expecting I’d like you to write me personally and tell me about it. We may use your story in one of our ground-breaking events. Thank you for considering this.

As always, if you have any questions please email me and someone will get back to you (it might be me if I have a moment to respond).

The Soviet Olympic Secret document

The Soviet Olympic Secret document