The Myoride exercises the major muscle groups in complete range of motion quickly crossing the anaerobic threshold improving muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance. It exercises in maximum intensity and to maximum fatigue. It improves VO2max and exercises maximal excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). It improves any athlete's competitive advantage. 

A fairly fit friend of mine cannot exercise more than 45 seconds and I gave him up to 2 minutes. Complete cardiorespiratory exhaustion in 45 seconds is the best HIIT anywhere.

Improving Athletic Performance

The ultimate goal in the training of an athlete is to ensure that they function in peak physical condition to compete at the highest level, no matter the demands of the sport. The second goal is not to over-train, cause injury, or deplete the energy stores of the body.


Athletic Endurance

To improve endurance the entire muscular system must be activated at the maximal levels of functioning. Only then do the greatest affects of training take place. It has to be done safe, without joint stress, and well into Anaerobic Metabolism to gain the highest levels of athletic performance.


Maximum-Intensity Interval Training

Maximum-intensity interval training (MIIT) is a time-efficient strategy to improve every aspect of athletic performance.

There are two reasons to workout in maximum intensity intervals:

1. To develop the physical reserves to compete at the highest level possible.
2. To help prevent injuries.

A well designed maximum intensity interval training program will improve metabolic function and can decrease the risk of injuries. The result will be a more robust athlete able to compete and train at the highest level.

When an athlete has the capacity to function at their highest level they will have the competitive advantage.

In order to function at the highest capabilities the athlete needs to maximally stress their body for greatest adaptation. Training methods need to be maximally intense and maximally efficient to achieve maximal results.

Athletes who can handle the catabolic stress of intense athletic training without suffering catabolic damage and premature aging will far outperform the competition.

Maximum intensity intervals will produce high lactate concentrations and other substrates that must be metabolized. The more efficient the athlete becomes in metabolizing these substrates the more efficient the athlete functions to meet the challenges of the demands.

The better able the competitive athlete is to deal with lactic acid build-up the more significant advantages they will have over opponents who cannot train at this level.

Maximum intensity interval training has shown greater improvements in VO2max, endothelial function, blood pressure, cardiac contractility, insulin signaling, and contraction coupling when compared with moderate-intensity aerobic exercise.

Maximum intensity intervals can be effective in as little as 25% of the total training workload of elite athletes.

Elite athletes would benefit greatly from an increase in intensity and a decrease in duration of their workouts.

Maximum intensity full body exercise improves VO2max far better than more specific endurance exercise.

Just as important is the production and conservation of energy in an athlete. In normal to light activities energy is produced aerobically. But as the intensity increases energy is derived anaerobically — from cellular substrates and without oxygen.

It is the diligent training during anaerobic metabolism that will develop a very high level of aerobic fitness without the muscle wasting.

Anaerobic training takes place during exercise in maximum intensity, short duration bursts of activity. Anaerobic training improves performance variables such as strength, power, speed, and endurance.

For any athlete, a greater VO2 max, a delayed anaerobic threshold, as well as larger anaerobic capacity, will improve athletic performance.


Athletic SuperpowerS

Since anaerobic training improves systemic improvements, the effects go beyond improving Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands (SAID). That is, improving VO2max, delaying Anaerobic Threshold, improving anaerobic and aerobic metabolism improves entire body functions and movements — this leads to improved neuromuscular abilities transferring into improved muscle power throughout the body.

The body becomes stronger, faster, and functions better and more synchronously.

Myoride Exercise Machine is the most effective and safest way to train in Anaerobic Metabolism to improve Athletic performance.


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